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17 April, Wednesday

STARTEndPlenary Hall
Willem Burger Zaal

Session 1: Bacterial Infections
Chairs: TBA

Lalita Ramakrishnan, United Kingdom
Trained immunity: a memory for innate host response,
Mihai Netea, Netherlands
Gasdermin-mediated pyroptosis From antibacterial to antitumor immunity,
Feng Shao, China
Pathogen effector-triggered aggregation of TIR-1/SARM1 on lysosome-related organelles activates intestinal immunity,
Read Pukkila-Worley, United States

14:5515:25Selected Abstracts I 
15:2515:45Coffee Break
15:4517:25Session 2: Innate Immunity at the Barrier
Chairs: TBA

Role of SLC46s in Cytosolic Innate Immune Recognition,
Neal Silverman, United States
Innate Defense at Barriers,
Ramnik Xavier, United States
Phagocytosis, new technologies, receptors, and surprises,
David Underhill, United States
Regulation of Cutaneous Antiviral Immunity,
Megan Orzalli, United States
17:2517:55Selected Abstracts II 
17:5518:15Coffee Break
18:1519:00Keynote Lecture
Nucleoside Modified mRNA-LNP Therapeutics,
Drew Weissman, United States
19:1520:15Welcome Reception / Poster Session

18 April, Thursday

STARTEndPlenary Hall
Willem Burger Zaal
09:0009:50Session 3: AMPs
Chairs: TBA

Layers of immunity: Deconstructing the Drosophila effector response,
Bruno Lemaitre, Switzerland
Douglas Golenbock, United States
09:5010:50Selected Abstracts III
10:5011:10Coffee Break
11:1013:15Session 4: Metabolism
Chairs: TBA

A break in mitochondrial endosymbiosis as a basis for inflammatory diseases,
Luke O'Neill, Ireland

Evana Mills, United States

Innate & Inflammasomes,
Eicke Latz, Germany
Mechanisms of chronic inflammation in cardiovascular disease,
Kathy Moore, United States
Immune-mediated reprogramming of host energy metabolism in malaria,
Ricardo Gazzinelli, Brazil
13:1514:15Lunch Break
14:1515:55Session 5: Early life Immunity
Chairs: TBA

Development of cellular barrier immunity,
Phillip Henneke, Germany

Identifying the cell-cell interactions constituting the blueprint of the macrophage niche,
Martin Guilliams, Belgium
The developing human immune system,
Muzlifah Haniffa, United Kingdom
15:5516:55Selected Abstracts IV
16:5517:15Coffee Break
17:1518:55Session 6: TLRs & PRRs
Chairs: TBA

Nucleic acid recognition by Toll-like receptors,
Greg Barton, United States
Regulation of Innate Immunity,
Jonathan Kagan, United States
Endosomal vs Cytosolic Nucleic Acid Sensors in Autoinflammation,
Ann Marshak Rothstein, United States
Genetic Dissection of the TLR Paradox in Lupus: Implications for endosomal TLR function,
Mark Shlomchik, United States
19:3022:00Speaker's Dinner @ Euromast (Invitation Only)

19 Apil, Friday

STARTEndPlenary Hall
Willem Burger Zaal

Session 7: Viral Immunity
Chairs: TBA
Innate immune control of emerging RNA viruses,
Sara Cherry, United States
Innate immune signaling pathways control Zika virus infection in the placenta and viral persistence in the mother,
Mike Diamond, United States
Regulatory Mechanisms of Virus Infection and Immunity,
Michaela Gack, United States
Human innate immune driven disease in nextGEN humanized mice,
Richard Flavell, United States

10:4011:00Coffee Break
11:0012:20Selected Abstract V
12:2013:20Industry Session

20 April, Saturday

STARTEndPlenary Hall
Willem Burger Zaal
09:0010:40Session 8: NLRs
Chairs: TBA

Recognition of nucleic acids by Toll-like receptors,
Veit Hornung, Germany
Effector-triggered immunity,
Russell Vance, United States
NLRP3 inflammasome activation drives neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease,
Michael Heneka, Luxembourg
Changing paradigms in Pattern Recognition Receptor signaling,
Clare Bryant, United Kingdom
10:4011:00Coffee Break
11:0012:40Session 9: Cell Death
Chairs: TBA

Programmed necrotic cell death as a driver of inflammation,
Petr Broz, Switzerland
Regulation of the human NLRP1 inflammasome,
Franklin Zhong, Singapore
Regulation of cell death and inflammation via RIPK1/caspase-8,
Egil Lien, United States
The road to death: Caspases, cleavage, and pores,
Vishva Dixit, United States
12:4013:40Lunch Break

Session 10: Damps
Chairs: TBA

Discovery of a novel & unique human DAMP receptor, its ligand, and role in inflammation,
Kenneth Rock, United States
Recognition of cell death by dendritic cells,
Cateano Reis e Sousa, United Kingdom
Innate immune response of phagocytes to PAMPs and DAMPs,
Ivan Zanoni, United States
Molecular mechanisms of innate immunity and inflammation in health and disease,
Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, United States

15:2015:40Coffee Break
15:4017:20Session 11: Intracellular Signaling
Chairs: TBA

Judy Lieberman, United States
Revving up immune response with cGAS,
James Chen, United States
Sensing DNA as a danger signal through the cGAS-STING pathway,
Andrea Albasser, Switzerland
Regulation of Innate Immunity,
Kate Fitzgerald, United States
17:2018:05Keynote Lecture
The intersection of innate immune receptors and adaptive immunity,
Jenny Ting, United States
20:0002:00TOLL NIGHT@ SS Rotherdam