Late Breaking Abstract Submission is no longer available!


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to thank you for submitting your work for presentation. The online submission and evaluation process will be administered by Kenes M+ Organizing Secretariat.

Late breaking abstracts will be considered ONLY for poster presentation.

Please take a moment to read the below guidelines before proceeding to submit your late breaking abstract.

Late Breaking Abstract Submission Deadline is  Monday, March 18, 2024 (23:59 CET)



  • Please take a moment to read the below guidelines before submitting your abstract.
    • All abstracts must be written in English.
    • All abstracts must be submitted online through the abstract submission system. Abstracts that are sent via e-mail will not be included in the abstract review process.
    • Use acronyms only when necessary and define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract at first use.
    • Always make sure to check the final abstract with the system’s preview function before submission and edit or replace it as necessary. It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.
    • The submitting and presenting authors are required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before the submission.
    • Only studies based on new and not previously published results can be submitted.
    • All abstracts will initially be reviewed and will either be accepted or rejected by the Scientific Committee. The Organizing and Scientific Committees reserve the right to determine whether an abstract submission is accepted as an oral or a poster presentation.
  • Only the abstracts of presenting authors who have completed their registrations and paid their registration fees by the registration deadline for abstract presenters will be included in the Scientific Program.
  • Withdrawal of abstracts is only accepted if notified in writing and subsequently confirmed by the Conference Organizing Secretariat.
  • Since there will be no editing process on the abstracts, the authors are requested to avoid any typing errors, misordering of the authors, wrong spelling/writing about the institutions, etc.


Step 1 / 10: Presentation Options

Topic: An abstract topic (see list here) that is relevant for your abstract must be selected during Step 1 of the submission process. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the topics during the abstract assessment process.

Presentation type: 

Poster Only*

*Late breaking abstracts will be considered ONLY for poster presentation. 

Step 2 / 10: Institution Information

Institution(s): The institution(s) of the authors should be indicated fully with the “department” and “institution” names while avoiding any abbreviations such as Dept., Inst., Hosp., etc. Please include the City and Country for each institution. (For the US, please make sure to enter the country information after the state name).

The institution, city, and country should be written in lower case while the initials of each word are written in capitals.

Enter each affiliation only once: i.e., if there are 5 authors and 3 of whom are from the same affiliation and 2 of whom are from another, you will have 2 institutions, NOT 5. However, if there are 2 or more departments at the same institution represented, they can be entered separately.

If any of the authors have more than one affiliation, enter both affiliations in a compounded style as one affiliation: i.e., if there are 5 authors and 2 of whom are from the same affiliation (Institute A), 2 of whom are from another (Institute B), and 1 of whom is from both affiliations (Institutes A and B), you will have 3 institutions, NOT 5 or NOT 2. (First institution: Institute A, second one: Institute B, and the third one: Institute A & Institute B). Include the City and Country for each affiliation.

 Step 3 / 10: Author Information

Author(s): First, middle, and last names of all the authors must be fully indicated correctly and in the right order. Please pay attention to matching the institutions to the right authors, and make sure that you select the “presenting author” correctly.

Step 4 / 10: Presenting Author’s Information

Presenting Author Information: Please enter the presenting author’s contact information

Step 5 / 10: Abstract Title

Abstract Title: Abstract title can contain a maximum of 150 characters.

Step 6 / 10: Abstract

Abstract Text: Abstract text should not exceed 300 words. The title of the abstract, authors’ names, institutions, and keywords are not included in this limit, and those should not be entered in this section.


Please submit your abstract with the structure below:





Step 7 / 10: Keywords

Keywords: A minimum of 1 keyword is required, and a maximum of 6 keywords can be entered. All keywords should be separated with commas.

Step 8 / 10: Additional Files

Tables, images, and figures must be converted to accepted file types. Up to two images can be included.

Please note that submitted images must strictly adhere to these guidelines or the abstract will not be published:

  • For images, the permitted file types are listed above as .jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .gif, .png
  • Name your figure files with “Fig” and the figure number, e.g., Fig1.eps.
  • Definition: Black and white graphic with no shading.
  • Do not use faint lines and/or lettering and check that all lines and lettering within the figures are legible at final size.
  • All lines should be at least 0.1 mm (0.3 pt) wide.
  • Scanned line drawings and line drawings in bitmap format should have a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • Vector graphics containing fonts must have the fonts embedded in the files.
  • All tables should be submitted in image format.

Step 9 / 10: Preview & Check

The submitting authors are required to preview the abstract at this step and confirm the preview at this step.

Step 10 / 10: Submit to the Committee

Authors must declare if they have any conflict of interest in their poster abstract by selecting Yes/No option. Please select/check your answer and then click on the “Choose” button for each one.

  • If you have not completed all required sections of your abstract, you won’t see the submission button. Only after completing all required fields, the submission button will be enabled for you.


Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.

Please note your username and password for future use. If you forget this information, please get in contact with Conference Organizing Secretariat at (cavcioglu@kenes.com).

You can make edits to your abstract before submitting it to the Scientific Committee. After the submission is completed, no edits will be allowed on the system even if there is time until the deadline. In that case, if you have to make some edits to your abstract after submitting it but before the submission deadline, please contact the Conference Organizing Secretariat at (cavcioglu@kenes.com)

Please ensure that the e-mail address of presenting author is entered correctly to enable the Conference Organizing Secretariat to communicate with the presenting author regarding the abstract. All information regarding the acceptance, any required adjustments, and the schedule will be communicated via e-mail to the abstract’s presenting author.

When the submission process is finalized, you will see your abstract under the heading “Submitted Abstracts”. If your abstract is not seen there, please kindly turn back and check the steps of your submission. Please be aware that the Scientific Committee will not receive “Not-Submitted Abstracts” and these, therefore, CANNOT be taken into consideration in the abstract evaluation process.

Upon submitting your abstract an e-mail including the “Abstract Number” and “Abstract Title” will be sent to the submitting author.

Registration of Abstract Presenters

The presenting authors must be registered for the Conference.

Abstracts of unregistered presenting authors who do not complete their registrations (including payment) by this deadline will be removed from the final program and all relevant publications.

Thank you for submitting your work for consideration. We look forward to welcoming you at the TOLL2024 Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands between April 17th -20th, 2024.

Please contact us directly at cavcioglu@kenes.com, should you have any specific inquiries.