Martın Guıllıams

Lecture Title: Identifying the cell-cell interactions constituting the blueprint of the macrophage niche

Martin Guilliams obtained his PhD in 2008 at the Free University of Brussels in the Laboratory of Patrick De Baetselier (VUB, Brussels, Belgium). He did his first postdoc at Centre d’Immunologie Marseille-Luminy (CIML, Marseille, France) in the lab of Bernard Malissen and his second postdoc at the Ghent University (VIB Center for Inflammation Research) in the lab of Bart Lambrecht. In 2015 he obtained a Tenure-Track Professorship from the Faculty of Science at the Ghent University. In 2017 he obtained an ERC Consolidator Grant and became an independent Principal Investigator at the VIB. He currently leads a research team that focuses on applying single-cell technologies to unravel the functional specialization of human and mouse liver myeloid cells at the VIB Center for Inflammation Research (Ghent University, Belgium) in the steady-state liver, during liver metastasis and upon liver regeneration. The Guilliams lab contributes to the Immgen consortium (www.immgen.org) and to Human Cell atlas consortium (www.humancellatlas.org) by providing bulk and single-cell profiling of mouse and human liver myeloid cells.